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Heartracing Entertainment


Time Flies Airshows

Time Flies Airshows is performing at various airshows throughout the North East USA and Canada.

Insanity Jet Car

Ryan McQueen had a dream. This handy self taught man started it all. Teaching himself to weld, reading about jet engines and crewing with some of the best to soak up their wisdom from experience. He armed himself with trusty tools such as Google and Youtube and with his passion, creativity and drive he built INSANITY.

Trevor Rafferty Air Shows

Trevor will be bringing his powered Pitts 12 aircraft to perform at the Grande Prairie Regional Airshow. The red and white biplane performs an incredible aerobatic routine that will be a delight for all ages!

Ken Hildebrandt Professional Announcer

An awesome airshow needs a professional and entertaining airshow announcer. With over 10 years experience narrating airshow across Canada and North America, I offer exciting, inspiring and educational narration that keeps your audiences engaged and your sponsors thrilled.

Undaunted Airshows

We are a fan-centric show. After shredding the airshow box with eye-popping precision 2-ship formation, separations, and freakishly amazing rejoins, we hop out of our birds and meet the fans with hi-fives, buttons, & stickers. We treat every fan we meet like the VIPs they are.

Jim Hrymack Airshows

Jim embarked on his Air Show journey in 1998, starting with a Pitts Special. Since then, he has soared through the skies, performing in over 150 shows across Canada and accumulating close to 12,000 hours of experience in both military and civilian aviation. His prowess in aerobatics led him to clinch the title of Canadian National Intermediate Aerobatic Champion in 2004.Currently residing in Strathmore AB, Jim proudly considers it his home. For the 2024 season, the 100th Anniversary of the Air Force he takes to the skies with a 1952 Mark 4 Harvard Trainer, meticulously adorned in its original Air Force colours and markings.

Third Strike Wingwalking

Third Strike Wingwalking offers a variety of different acts but regardless of the one chosen, your audience will always be left smiling. The staples to any Third Strike act are a bright red biplane, a daring wingwalker, the best pilot skills available and mountains of billowing smoke. You will find a smile under every tumble.

Carol Pilon hails from Masham, Quebec, Canada. She first saw wingwalking on a television commercial for a local air show. It was love at first sight and she had found her calling. She has been a professional wingwalker since 2000.

Geronimo! Skydiving Team

The GERONIMO! Skydiving Team is Canada’s only professional civilian skydiving exhibition team with more than 43 years of continuous operation thrilling audiences throughout Canada and the United States with exciting aerial entertainment and world class showmanship by the most experienced show jumpers in North America.

Erickson Aircraft Collection

The Erickson Aircraft Collection proudly displays a vintage aircraft collection started by Jack Erickson in 1983.The collection features over twenty rare aircraft, most of which are still in flying condition.Appearing at our show will be the B-25 Mitchell , F4U-Corsair, and the Messerschmitt Bf 109.

YIELD Drag Race

The YIELD program began by taking an old Chevy Caprice highway patrol car to a racetrack to race against kids.  Over the years, YIELD has converted a number of vehicles to become drag race cars. The vehicle we bring to presentations is Canada’s first officially recognized RCMP race car.

“First of all, we get the attention of our audience with the car,” says YIELD President Gord Buck, “then we add a variety of media such as videos and classroom instruction.  We encourage questions, and talk with them not at them, to get them as engaged as possible.”

“We talk about the mechanics of a collision, how and why they take place, and what happens during a collision,” says Buck. 

The program has grown to encompass In the School/ Community presentations, At The Racetrack program and The Electric Mini Cooper race car – a component that shows the real-world results of combining a love for cars with the value of a post-secondary education.

Fairview Aircraft Restoration Society Display

The Fairview Aircraft Restoration Society (FARS) is dedicated to the restoration and exhibition of historic World War II Patrol Bomber Canso A, FNJE, formerly known as RCAF 11094.

The Canso is a rare and remarkable plane that has played a vital role in Canada’s history. It was used as submarine hunter and for search & rescue during the war, flying over the North Atlantic. It was also one of the first aircraft to be converted into a water bomber, after the War, helping to fight forest fires across the country. Our Canso is one of the few remaining airworthy examples of this type of aircraft in the world, and it now has a distinctive orange and green paint scheme that represents the provincial colours of the Province of Newfoundland who repainted it during the conversion to become part of their airtanker fleet.

But don’t let the colour change fool you. Our Canso is still a warrior at heart.

Keith Sayers Motorcross

Keith Sayers is a native Montanan born and raised in Butte MT!! He has been riding motorcycles for most of his life. He bought his first motorcycle at the age of 9 from his neighbor for $10.00 and from there it has been one epic ride for this hard working Rocky Mountain Kid.
Keith is committed to riding and training on his motorcycles every chance he gets. The progression that Keith has gone through these past few years is an inspiring story for a small town rural FMXer. Keith began doing a wide variety of contests, demos and shows. His name has been listed among some of the best. Keith not only approaches FMX seriously but he approaches the business side the same way by producing his own demos and constantly maintaining his top-notch practice facility.