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About The Show

Feel the adrenaline, witness the spectacle

This July, the skies over Grande Prairie will once again come alive with the return of an Air show after 19 years. It will be the largest air show in the region, featuring performances from the likes of Geronimo Skydiving Team, Insanity Jet Car, Undaunted Airshows, and many more.

We’ll also have many non-flying acts and activities for the whole family to enjoy, including Canadian Army, Freestyle motocross show, Bouncy Castles, Food Trucks, and a Farmers market/vendor area, plus much more.

This show being held at the Grande Prairie Airport will be hosted by the Rotary Clubs of Grande Prairie.

The Grande Prairie Regional Airshow is a bi-annual event with the profits going towards the D Coy Armouries Community Hub Project.

frequently asked questions

Where will parking be located?

Parking will be made available off-site at Northwestern Polytechnic with free bussing to the Grande Prairie Airport. There will be NO Parking for attendees at the airport. Scheduled run times will be posted after the Performance schedule is secured.

What time does the show run?

Grounds are open from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm. Air Show Run from 1:30 pm until 4:30 pm

What type of seating is available?

General Admission: No seating, bring a lawn chair or blanket. Umbrellas are prohibited.

VIP: Bench seating, tent shade areas and a VIP bar (additional costs apply)

Are backpacks and bags allowed?

Yes, you may carry your items in bags or backpacks but there will be bag checks at the gate.

Is smoking allowed at this outdoor event?

No, this is a completely non-smoking event. Due to the fire hazard and amount of highly flammable fuels present you my not smoke anywhere on the Grande Prairie Regional Airport grounds.

We’re travelling from out of town, do you have preferred hotel partners?

We are grateful for the support of Pomeroy Hotel & Conference Centre, Delta Hotels Grande Prairie Airport, and Sandman Hotel Grande Prairie for this event.

Can we bring umbrella’s?

No, umbrellas are not allowed.

The D Coy Armouries Community Hub Project

For years, the D Company (D Coy) Armouries building in downtown Grande Prairie has provided the community and region with support for local programs and activities for people and groups. The 76-year-old building has a rich military history; it currently serves as the base for 200+ Air & Army Cadets. In the past, the building’s main hall was often rented for community and private events.

The D Coy Community Hub Project is centrally located in the Swanavon, Highland Park, Southview, and Patterson Place communities of Grande Prairie. The facility will be anchored by 5 key user groups currently: 577 Air Cadets Squadron, 2850 Army Cadets Squadron, Department of Defense Zone Training Of­ficer, YMCA North Programs, Play Zone Summer Camps.

Unfortunately, as its importance as a gathering space has increased over the years, D Coy’s usability has deteriorated. The aging building desperately needs to be repaired, restored, and modernized.

To address this need, D Coy Armouries Foundation and the Rotary Club of Grande Prairie have proposed an ambitious restoration project.

The vision of the restoration project is to turn D Coy Armouries into a functional Community Hub that will serve the community and social needs of Grande Prairie residents, particularly youth, community associations, and other not-for-profit groups.

The total cost of the project is estimated at $3.5 million. The Rotary Club of Grande Prairie has generously pledged $1.8 million toward the cause, but we still have a long way to go.

The D Coy Armouries Foundation in collaboration with the Rotary Clubs of Grande Prairie are hosting The Grande Prairie Regional Airshow, to assist in raising funds for this project.